Custom Industrial Sewing Services

At Deasil we pride ourselves on on-time delivery of high-quality textile products that are produced in a Canadian factory.

Deasil staff have hundreds of hours of collective years of experience in the garment industry and provide an unsurpassed level of quality. New projects introduce exciting new challenges.

The Process

Your concept may be in the idea stage, or you may have a sample or prototype, or you may have a graded pattern and are production ready.

Whatever stage your project is at, we can assist with taking it to the next level. Deasil works with a professional pattern maker. Pattern making prices vary from a minimum of $100 for a simple generic style to $500+ for a complex complete tech pack including graded pattern and numerical specs.


With a pattern ready, we can then provide a production sample. Upon approval of the sample, the pattern is then graded, and production can begin. Sample production costs are $50 and up for a simple, straight-forward project, depending on complexity. Additional charges will apply for samples requiring changes or for additional samples to be made.

When the sample is approved and the pattern is graded, we are ready for production!


Canadian made is a priority at Deasil. All production is completed in Manitoba. The Deasil team are experts in the sewing industry and work with customer to ensure practical and esthetically pleasing result of highest quality

Packaging and Shipping

Deasil provides packaging and shipping services:

  • Folding
  • Poly-bagging
  • Hang tagging & Bar
  • Coding (customer supplies)
  • Steaming & Pressing
  • Drop shipping services